APJ PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTING - Professional, knowledgeable, effective!
& THERAPY SERVICE (SPOTS) for police officers, military personnel & veterans, and the emergency services

SPOTS is led by Clinical Director, Annabel Poate-Joyner, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, who has worked extensively with police officers since 1998, and with military personnel and veterans since 2007, providing specialist psychological assessment and  therapy,  professional support and supervision, and Occupational Health & Wellbeing services.

Just like anyone else in our society,  police officers, military personnel and professionals from the emergency services may experience normal relationship, family and interpersonal problems, medical problems, bereavement, money worries,  work-place stresses and major life events, which may result in mood problems, relationship and work-related difficulties, and the normal range of common mental health issues.

However, trained professionals in public service may also face hazardous and potentially traumatising situations in the line of their work, including the threat or actual injury, disability and death to themselves and others.

These uniquely challenging aspects and exceptional demands while on duty in their chosen service may bring a significant risk of potential trauma to their own psychological health and wellbeing.

Professionals such as these are well-trained to be committed and resilient and unflinching in the face of everything that their duty throws at them. However, they may not realise, or perhaps don't want to accept it, if they find that they themselves are seriously struggling to cope,  perhaps feeling that as they should somehow be able to deal with their own problems by themselves.

When professionals do develop significant and distressing emotional difficulties and mental health  problems, then this needs to be recognised in the first place and referred promptly to a specialist service, in order to be properly assessed and understood, and then treated effectively with the appropriate NICE-recommended therapy for them.

This Specialist Psychological Occupational Health & Therapy Service offers  private psychological assessment and therapy to individuals who wish to access such specialist therapy directly, please email to SPOTS@apjpsychologicalconsulting.co.uk.

Some people may also be referred to SPOTS by GPs with these specialist sessions being funded by the NHS, police and military support charities such as the WWTW HEADSTART programme, and by other public services and organisations.