APJ PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTING - Professional, knowledgeable, effective!
Annabel Poate-Joyner provides high-quality independent Clinical and Occupational Health services to the NHS, CQC, Local Authorities, Police Forces and to commercial and private sector organisations and services.

Throughout her career, Annabel has worked primarily in the fields of Mental Health and Occupational Health. She has particular expertise in working and supporting people with experiencing work-related stress issues and also personal issues affecting their work and she is skilled in addressing Fitness for Work issues, providing individual support and management advice to support the person within their workplace.

Since 1998, Annabel has also specialised in working with  police officers and with local, regional and national law enforcement organisations, providing psychological supervision and support at all levels including individuals,  teams and services, and specialist management advice.She has held several Force Psychologist posts, contracts and arrangements including Surrey Police, CEOP, and the Metropolitan Police Service, the Royal Military Police, SOCA, the National Crime Agency, and INTERPOL. 

Annabel has pioneered the concept of Psychological Health & Safety and develops specialist Pre-Selection Screening and Mandatory Monitoring Questionnaires for police officers applying for sensitive roles which may be particularly  stressful and potentially traumatising, to be administered either directly or by specialist Occupational Health clinicians.

She is committed to bringing psychological understanding to underpin proactive organisational approaches to care and to the development of personal and collective accountability.

Annabel has an exceptional ability to work in very sensitive  situations including supporting high-profile and senior people coping with very difficult situations and with media interest. She also offers discreet support to Whistleblowers.